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March 21, 2018

Each year it takes me a couple weeks to process what happened during the legislative session.  This year is no exception.

The pace in Richmond is frenetic and the number of bills we consider is mind-blowing. During this sixty-day session 3,722 bills were introduced and 1833 passed.  Of those, twenty-two were mine.  Eleven of those passed.  You can see my bills HERE.

March 5, 2018

Serving in the Senate leads to many highs and lows.  Last week was no exception.


 February 1, 2018

Several days ago, I participated with four other legislators in a town hall meeting with our constituents. It was my sixth such meeting to solicit opinions of constituents for this General Assembly session.

January 26, 2018

Each General Assembly session I marvel that we get so much done.  Typically, over two thousand bills and resolutions are introduced and we must reach a decision on each within a forty-five day or sixty day session.  Plus, the whole state budget must be reviewed and revised. 

 January 19, 2018

What a week! We started with the inauguration of Governor Ralph Northam, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, and Attorney General Mark Herring. It was a warm and moving ceremony despite frigid weather. Governor Northam gave a memorable speech outlining his agenda and urging cooperation. Almost all legislators attended and were attentive to his words. Please take the time to read his speech.  


January 12, 2018

The first week of the General Assembly has been a blur!  New Delegates were sworn in.  A new Speaker of the House has been selected. House committee assignments have been announced. Bills and budget amendments have been introduced.  Committees have begun their work.


January 9, 2018

Change.  Rarely do we experience so much change in Richmond.  When we begin the new General Assembly session on January 10, we will have a new Governor, a new Lt. Governor, an unprecedented number of new --mostly Democratic -- delegates, a new Speaker, more women in the legislature than ever before and a more diverse House of Delegates. The old, "Virginia way", good old boy, rural dominated legislature is rapidly changing -- and none too soon! Even our offices are changing as the old General Assembly building is being torn down and we will all have new, temporary offices.